Sunday, April 8, 2012

Dead Blog

Hi there! This post will be a short post. So far, i am busy with my work + enjoying my holiday as i have nothing in hand to do yet. about studies, i'm not sure if i should go for a level or form 6. Only this 2 things can make me go crazy. Both have their pros and cons. After many advises from my friends, I will make my decision asap. I hope i will not regret what i chose as it determines my future. Wish me Luck =)

Nothing inspired me to post anything on blog.when i do , i'll come back again. =)

Tata =D

miss you

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Many things just happened around me that i can't hold control of it.
looking at people around me achieving good grades and get to fulfill their cravings is never a good feeling to me.
but I'm happy for them, of course.
Looking at them smiling happily just calm my feelings down .
But it's never a good choice if i were given a chance to make a better choice
Sometimes, I just wonder why people around me get what they really need  while I can't?
Is it because i really can't or it's because i don't want?
I am sure everyone has their own potential in them while what is mine?

But I am sure that i will definitely succeed in life.
I will never let myself down.
What i know is that all I need is just hard work and trust in myself
Nothing is impossible , as everyone says. so make it happen.

Good Luck to all of you!

Friday, June 10, 2011


Pieces of puzzle that put us together..

Lately, my dad bought a 1000 piece puzzle.
and i was so curious..i opened it and my eye balls just popped out @.@
it's 1000 pieces.
and i was screaming for help after 10 mins of hard work!
my parents ignored me..

then my dad passed by and said..
excuse me my dear ... u expect u finish it in one day?
i answered's kinda....ermmm....easy rite? LOL!

i ask you guys.. it's impossible meh?
after that day..the puzzle was left there..URGGHHH!!
i need to use my precious time to finish up the puzzle pieces..
i can't wait to see my hard work pays off

let pictures explain my pain T.T

i will not give up easily!

dear puzzle , 
I'll make sure i will finish putting you guys into correct order and will not leave u alone =)

signing off~
see you guys in the next update!
miss you <3

Thursday, June 9, 2011

A path that connects us

it's the second week of holidays.
time flies as fast as the speed of light  ...

i'm glad that we can meet each other .... FINALLY!!
i've been waiting for this days for a long time.
i miss you so much <3

went out and walked the whole day.
but didn't buy anything!. ARRRGHHH
maybe i asked too much.. haha..
one day i will find wat i really wanted

watched a movie
rate : 8.5/10 

then in the evening..
met with my babes.
went to hainan tea to hav our dinner + chatting
enjoyed the moment so much.took lots pichas and chat a lot!!
miss you guys so much.. can't wait for the next outing with u guys..!! <3

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

after a long silence

finally i'm back alive blogging...  maybe for some time..
i'm nt sure about myself too. i may blog once in a blue moon.

Holidays are here already ..
the smell of holidays are just so nice ..
i can't wait to have a longer period of holiday..
2 weeks of holidays is just too short.

Just went to hometown these few days.
and all that i did in these few days were just shopping.
i'm so excited.
shopping for 3 days
ppl might think i'm crazy + shopaholic
Then i'm here to say. YES I AM A SHOPAHOLIC!!
this fact is undeniable.

3 days of shopping but i'm nt satisfied at all. because i can't get to buy things that i ever wanted.
dresses, tops, shorts, cardigans. !!
i need them all !! ISHH!! @.@
they must be in my cardboard!!

i just hope that i have an activity to do to fill up my boredom! T.T
everyday facing the comp + TV isn't wat i expected to do during the hols T.T

till here for today!
see yaa ..tata

miss yeaa <3